One of a Kind Textiles
Established in 1974 in Switzerland, Rudolf Geissmann specializes in antique carpets and tribal kilims including the following:
  • Baluch
  • Turkoman
  • Afshar
  • Kazak
  • Anatolia
  • Afghanistan
  • Persian
  • Central Asian
  • China
  • This collection gives one a rare opportunity to see examples of the rich and varied tradition of domestic weaving in the Middle East and Central Asia at a time when the craft was still vigorous. I hope you find these pieces interesting - please contact me for prices.

    Rare Baluch Goathair Tent and Artifacts — Price: $25,000.
    This tent was purchased in 1977 outside the city of Herat, Afghanistan. With the tent are over 80 items ranging from looms to cooking utensils. The approximate age is 60-70 years old. The inner framework has two long arced pieces of wood to support the middle with shorter pieces for front and back openings. The complete tent was exhibited in the Allen Memorial Art Museum at Oberlin College, Ohio. This is an excellent artifact for any museum or serious collector's central asian collection. Tent photos >

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    The tradition of hat wearing dates to the dawn of time. Throughout different cultures hats have come to symbolize and give meaning to special festivities as well as daily life.

    The Central Asian hats in this collection identified the owner's status within society. The more ornate hats belong to the higher status individuals. Various materials including wool, cotton, felt and silk were incorporated in decorative and sometimes highly elaborate styles.

    This rare and unique collection was acquired by Rudolf Geissmann over a 30-year period. Recently the entire collection was sold to a private collector and hat enthusiast. For related literature about Central Asian hats:

       Muetzen aus Zentralasien und Persien,
       By Sigrid Westphal-Hellbusch and Gisela Soltkahn,
       Museum fuer Voelkerkunde, Berlin 1976