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Baluch carpet from Afghanistan, all wool, some goat hair in edges, ca mid 20th Century. This carpet is woven in 2 pieces,
which is very rare.You find it often in kilims. Good condition for its age, full pile.
Ca. size 10'x 6'6" as is $ 2500. [ Request Information ]

Baluch RUKORSKI heater blanket kilim from Afghanistan, all wool and some goat hair in edges, ca. begin 20th Century,
woven in 2 pieces and 4 different weaving techniques, very rare textile, good condition.
Ca. size 3'11"x 3'10" as is $400. [ Request Information ]

Kilim from Northern Afghanistan, all wool, woven in 2 stripes, ca begin 20th Century,
good condition for its age, some small holes. Ca size 13'4"x 5'8" as is $800. [ Request Information ]